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Friday, December 17, 2010

Interview with the Grand Master fo the Regular Grand Lodge of Portugal (Grande Loja Legal de Portugal), Jose Francisco MORENO

Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grande Loja Legal de Portugal, Brethren Jose Francisco MORENO, the world is going through a very intense season, as it is considered that the COP16 Summit may not offer more than the COP15 in Denmark.

1. On November 29, 2010, began the COP16 Summit. The last meeting (the one in Copenhagen, Denmark) did not have the desired results of the participating countries. Do you think this meeting will bring something new in terms of Climate Change?

Sadly, I am not optimist. The economic crisis in USA and Europe did not help... If in good times the countries did not achieve an agreement, now the conditions are more difficult.

2. Last year in December, the Grand Master of United Grand Lodges of Germany (Brethren Rüdiger Templin) did not consider relevant the COP15 Report. The Grand Master asked Freemasons of Germany and in the world to begin to act each one to bring its contribution to reducing energy consumption. Do you think that Freemasons and Freemasonry can play an active role in this process apparently irreversible?

Reducing fossil energy consumption should be a global goal, which every person should try to achieve. Freemasons individually must join this global effort. But energy policies and reducing energy consumption campaigns are not Freemasonry acting area. Freemasonry, as a whole, must leave these areas to political deciders.

Freemasonry’s role is rather more effective uniting its members efforts in the pursuit of a long-term solution. Mankind must absolutely change its energy paradigm. Freemasonry should encourage its members to scientific and technical research in order to help Mankind to use non-fossil energy sources.

Research, research, research – this should be Freemasonry field. All the rest is political and other social institution’s job.

3. The Grand Lodge in which you are a member is actively involved in protecting the environment? And what does regarding this?

As stated in the last answer, GLLP and its members follow the global effort in this issue. Portugal has one of the world’s highest taxes of solar, wind and water energy produced and in the present moment is starting the process of massive implementation of the electric vehicle.

GLLP directs its efforts to the research. In 2009, Grand Lodge recommended its members to present papers about Environment and Global Warming. Mainly,the conclusions were that Mankind needs to solve three major problems in order to get to a balanced use of Earth’s resources: overpopulation, viable and economic sustainable energy sources and a new Value paradigm that includes the quality of environmental values.

4. Masonry in Brazil is trying to protect the Amazon. Various Masonic organizations have implemented several projects in this regard. How effective can the relationship between state institutions and Freemasonry can be?

GLLP, following mainstream European Freemasonry, thinks that, as an institution, must keep its distance towards state institutions. However, the cooperation between state institutions and Freemasonry in the benefit of society is welcome.

5. What is your vision, as a simple citizen, regarding the future of the nature on our Planet? Education is a way forward in this respect?

Education is vital and, with Research, it is definitively a priority. Mankind is in an important crossover. Providing we all be aware of that, Mankind will overcame this challenge and leave to the future generations a cleaner, sustainable and ecologically balanced world. This a battle Mankind can not afford to lose.

M.W.G.M. Jose Francisco MORENO, the Masonic Press Agency of Romania (APMR) thanks you for your kindness to grant us this interview.

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