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Friday, December 17, 2010

Interview with the President of the World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges, Hernando OSORIO RICO

Your Excellency, President of the World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges, Brethren Hernando OSORIO RICO, the world is going through a very intense season, as it is considered that the COP16 Summit may not offer more than the COP15 in Denmark.

1. On November 29, 2010, began the COP16 Summit. The last meeting (the one in Copenhagen, Denmark) did not have the desired results of the participating countries. Do you think this meeting will bring something new in terms of Climate Change?

Climate change is a problem facing the world because it is the force of nature that is causing havoc everywhere, as a result of this phenomenon. The countries at the COP16 Summit were bound to reach agreement on this matter, for the good of humanity. Recent history shows us that the of consequences of climate change suffer not only the poor countries, though no doubt are those with fewer economic resources to cope. Those consequences have also been demonstrated in industrialized countries, which tells us that this is a problem of all at the same intensity.

As a result of this COP16 Summit necessarily will bring new measures to help avoid climate change or that it will continue sharpening. All governments need to be aware of the need to save the planet. One of the most important steps at this time is by avoiding climate change. Surely there will be countries whose economies will be more affected than others. This is because these countries have been the most influential in creating the problem. Independent of the cost of these measures have, to some more than others, is a universal need.

The COP16 |Summit took a series of decisions that have been recorded in the statement of Cancun. May think that one thing is to make decisions at a summit and another to implement them. This is true. However, one must take into account what was said at the beginning: the evil has been evident in all the countries of the world so that for all became a pressing need to avoid making decisions.

2. Last year in December, the Grand Master of United Grand Lodges of Germany (Brethren Rüdiger Templin) did not consider relevant the COP15 Report. The Grand Master asked Freemasons of Germany and in the world to begin to act each one to bring its contribution to reducing energy consumption. Do you think that Freemasons and Freemasonry can play an active role in this process apparently irreversible?

Freemasonry as an institution has a very important mission to this problem: to encourage its members awareness of environmental protection. Thanks to these incentives Masons around the world can and should play an active role to help resolve the problem created by this natural process,which is the product by human actions and their industries.

In most cases, Freemasons are natural leaders in the community. For this reason it will be quite possible to speak in favor of the environment through education, participation in government projects and studies, laws, etc.

It is therefore a good measure that Universal Freemasonry to invite all Freemasons who, as a general policy, to promote in their communities and in every different scenarios in which they act, to help generate awareness for the environment and to prevent climate change, moreover, that wherever they are promoting the implementation of global policies to help solve this problem.

3. The Grand Lodge in which you are a member is actively involved in protecting the environment? And what does regarding this?

Yes. Our Serene Grand Lodge of Colombia at Cartagena is based in part on environmental protection. It is dedicated to this activity through the actions of its members in different scenarios in which it participates. As I said before, our Grand Lodge is asking its members that in any scenario in which they are to work in favor of the environment and prevent global warming as a mechanism to avoid the disasters that have plagued us in recent days.

4. Masonry in Brazil is trying to protect the Amazon. Various Masonic organizations have implemented several projects in this regard. How effective can the relationship between state institutions and Freemasonry can be?

The relationship between state institutions and Freemasonry, for environmental protection is critical. Thanks to the activities of Freemasons they are eligible for state institutions and agencies where decisions are made on the subject. It is important that the Freemasons to be present to influence the making of these decisions in favor of environmental protection.

5. What is your vision, as a simple citizen, regarding the future of the nature on our Planet? Education is a way forward in this respect?

If I were asked to give an opinion as an ordinary citizen about the future of our planet, this view would be uncertain, it would take into account the interests of companies that feed from the ecosystem for their existence. This caution applies to oil, which can harm the environment and thus contribute to global warming (remember the recent disaster in the Gulf of Mexico), paper and the whole business with resulting damage to their activity in our ecosystem.

But it is necessary to take into account that economic development created by these enterprises which are essential for humanity. For this reason the average citizen is skeptical about the future of our planet, thinking that if development is facing the planet's health, development will succeed, because it is the economic interest of companies and in some countries.

But if takes me to give an opinion as a social leader, I must say that is a problem in which we are committed all the inhabitants of the planet and thus face the problem collectively. Thus our concept will be less skeptical and have more confidence in all the actors in this great conflict.

I agree that through education we can get all commit ourselves to the task of fighting for "Pacha Mama", as they called the early Native Americans the land.

Your Excellency, President of the World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges, Brethren Hernando OSORIO RICO, the Masonic Press Agency of Romania (APMR) thanks you for your kindness to grant us this interview.

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