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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Interview with the Grand Master of the Symbolic Grand Lodge of Paraguay, Carlos Alberto QUIÑONEZ

Most Worshipful Grand Grand Master of the Symbolic Grand Lodge of Paraguay, Carlos Alberto QUIÑONEZ, the world is going through a very intense season, as it is considered that the COP16 Summit may not offer more than the COP15 in Denmark.

1. On November 29, 2010, began the COP16 Summit. The last meeting (the one in Copenhagen, Denmark) did not had the desired results of the participating countries. Do you think this meeting will bring something new in terms of Climate Change?

We must be optimistic, a sensitive issue for the planet and therefore for the future of humanity requires us to be. To the extent that commitments are negotiated and established guidelines for monitoring the results, I believe we can move forward in this highly sensitive matter for our own survival as a species.

2. Last year in December, the Grand Master of United Grand Lodges of Germany (Brethren Rüdiger Templin) did not consider relevant the COP15 Report. The Grand Master asked Freemasons of Germany and in the world to begin to act each one to bring its contribution to reducing energy consumption. Do you think that Freemasons and Freemasonry can play an active role in this process apparently irreversible?

Not only that I believe it, but I believe that the Masonic Order, through its members, is expected to play a leading role in this process. As members of the Masonic Order, an initiation school that aims psychological arousal of its members from sleeping, facilitating real and effective emancipation, we can not ignore the problems that concern the future of nature which is nothing but the future of planet and hence that of humanity. We must act, and we must do from the positions our members hold relevant in different areas of decision, whether government, business, union or educational.

3. The Grand Lodge in which you are a member is actively involved in protecting the environment? And what does regarding this?

"With all its lung, Paraguay is breathing" is a laudable initiative taken by one of the most prestigious journalists in my country, Mr. Humberto Rubin. Is to plant trees to try to recover the Atlantic Forest of Alto Parana, a wonderful ecosystem located in our country that has suffered a ruthless deforestation which transformed Paraguay into the largest deforester of America and the second in the world.

On the understanding that Masonry should participate in the secular world through Masons, the distinguished members of our Grand Lodge are in executive positions and practice relevant functions in this laudable enterprise from its very beginning. The campaign moves successfully and the proof is that its initial purpose from the fourteen million trees planted, the current target jumped to twenty million. Parallel to these leadership roles, members of our Grand Lodge are among the largest number of tree planting peoples in their respective jobs.

4. Masonry in Brazil is trying to protect the Amazon. Various Masonic organizations have implemented several projects in this regard. How effective can the relationship between state institutions and Freemasonry can be?

We are aware of these actions of the Brazilian Freemasonry. In one of our last visits to the Grand Orient de Sao Paulo, we had proposed that as part of MERCOSUR Freemasonry (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) we must undertake joint actions to protect this great lung of the planet that is the Amazon. As a first concrete action, I proposed holding a meeting in Foz de Iguazu, the Triple Frontier, in 2011. In this regard, with much satisfaction, I can report that the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Symbolic Grand Lodge of the State of Parana, is moving in the preparation of this meeting which will have as one of its central themes the environment, focusing on protecting of the Amazon.

5. What is your vision, as a simple citizen, regarding the future of the nature on our Planet? Education is a way forward in this respect?

Undoubtedly the education - or awareness with subsequent transformation of thought, actions, habits and customs - is the way and what we do in this regard in the coming decades will be vital.

I'm reading now a cable originated in Brasilia whish informs us that "the Brazilian Amazon in the last year recorded the lowest historical rate of deforestation, 6,451 km2, a reduction of almost 14% over the previous 12 months, although above the initial official forecast." In this regard, the Minister of Environment, Izabella Teixeira said: "This is the lowest in the history of deforestation in the Amazon, are fantastic numbers."

This is a testimony that we can; depends on awareness of the inhabitants of our beautiful planet, in conjunction with effective protection laws.

Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Symbolic Grand Lodge of Paraguay, Brethren Carlos Alberto QUIÑONEZ, the Masonic Press Agency of Romania (APMR) thanks you for your kindness to grant us this interview.

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