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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Interview with the Past Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the State of Israel, Leon ZELDIS MANDEL

Most Powerful Past Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the State of Israel, Brethren Leon ZELDIS MANDEL, the world is going through a very intense season, as it is considered that the COP16 Summit may not offer more than the COP15 in Denmark.

1. On November 29, 2010, began the COP16 Summit. The last meeting (the one in Copenhagen, Denmark) did not had the desired results of the participating countries. Do you think this meeting will bring something new in terms of Climate Change?

It is necessary to conduct new studies by independent institutions, not subject to preconceived ideas designed to protect vested interests, to determine the extent to which human activities do affect climate change, or if it is a geological phenomenon that has been repeated in the course of millennia.

As for the conference, my opinion is negative. While still focusing attention on carbon dioxide emissions from the combustion products of petroleum and its derivatives, while ignoring the result of massive deforestation in Brazil and other countries, there can be no progress in this regard. China's role in the case of fuels is strongly negative.

2. Last year in December, the Grand Master of United Grand Lodges of Germany (Brethren Rüdiger Templin) did not consider relevant the COP15 Report. The Grand Master asked Freemasons of Germany and in the world to begin to act each one to bring its contribution to reducing energy consumption. Do you think that Freemasons and Freemasonry can play an active role in this process apparently irreversible?

I believe that Freemasonry as an institution should not take part in this debate, since there are other institutions and appropriate forums for this purpose. Masonry must work to meet its primary and traditional which is the spiritual and intellectual development of its members who individually can bring their lights to the solution of all problems affecting humanity.

3. The Grand Lodge in which you are a member is actively involved in protecting the environment? And what does regarding this?

We have no specific program in this area.

4. Masonry in Brazil is trying to protect the Amazon. Various Masonic organizations have implemented several projects in this regard. How effective can the relationship between state institutions and Freemasonry can be?

Masons – not Freemasonry – can play a positive role in this problem. Israel is one of the few countries with an ongoing program of afforestation, which increases every year the number of trees in the country.

5. What is your vision, as a simple citizen, regarding the future of the nature on our Planet? Education is a way forward in this respect?

Unquestionably, education is most important. Economic development must take into account the effects it has on the ecological environment. Unfortunately, there is awareness of the long-range importance to the unbridled exploitation of natural resources. This issue is related to population growth, and there are conflicts with religious and political ideologies. The most Freemasonry can do in this regard is to promote education at all levels.

M.P. P.S.G.C. Leon ZELDIS MANDEL, the Masonic Press Agency of Romania (APMR) thanks you for your kindness to grant us this interview.

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